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International Express Transportation Service

All our express service options are traceable and fully guaranteed.

International express refers to express and logistics services carried out between two or more countries (or regions). The delivery of letters, commercial documents and articles from one country to another country (or region) is a delivery method for fast cargo inspection and release through border ports and customs between countries. After the international express arrives in the destination country, it needs to be transferred in the destination country again to deliver the express to the final destination.

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The four major international express companies are: DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex

Expedited delivery: 1-3 days. Delivery time: Regardless of the size of your package, we are committed to providing you with sensitive services and providing a variety of options for your sensitive delivery needs.

Standard delivery time: 3-5 days Delivery time: Our standard delivery solution provides you with international postal services at a simple and affordable price to help corporate customers achieve fast delivery with amazing efficiency.

Economic delivery: more than 7 days delivery time: enjoy this worry-free option to match your non-urgent shipping time. This is the most affordable express/express solution and our highest priority service.

Express weighing method:

⒈The weight of international express parcels is divided into actual weight and volume weight. The express company will charge based on the larger of the two weights;

⒉Volume weight calculation
(1). The calculation method of the four major international express DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEX package volume weight: (length x width x height) (cm) ÷ 5000, note that the unit of length, width and height is cm
(2) If a single international express package exceeds or equals 68 kg/piece, it must be packaged with footed pallets (some countries reject the original pallet packaging), otherwise the express company will reject the goods;

Packaging requirements

General regulations on packaging of express delivery in international transportation:
⒈The packaging of the goods must be strong, intact and light, and it can prevent the packaging from rupturing, leakage and loss of contents during transportation.
⒉The shape of the package should be suitable for the nature, condition and weight of the goods, and it should be convenient for handling, loading and unloading and stacking.
⒊The packaging of goods and animals carried under certain conditions, such as fresh and perishable goods, should meet the specific requirements for each goods.
⒋For extra-small express goods (such as small samples), a certain volume of wooden or carton packaging (with fillers, etc.) must be added. After packaging, the total length, width, and height of the entire express shipment shall not be less than 40CM. The smallest side shall not be less than 5CM.
⒌The advance materials in the package (such as wood chips, paper chips) cannot leak out.
⒍If the packaging of the goods does not meet the requirements of the goods, an explanation shall be made to the consignor, and the consignor shall be required to modify or repack it before shipment.

Special packaging requirements for some goods:
* Pianos, ceramics, handicrafts and other heavy or valuable items should be packed in wooden boxes.

Normal quotation requirements

In order to provide accurate quotations to customers, freight forwarders or express delivery officials often require customers to provide the following information:
Destination, product name, volume, weight, whether charged with magnetism, whether to declare customs, whether to designate an operator, whether there are requirements for timeliness, etc.
Others are easy to understand. Now I will explain separately whether the goods are electrified and whether the goods are magnetized.

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