Logistics company vs freight forwarder

Logistics company vs freight forwarder

What is the specific difference between a logistics company and a freight forwarder?

1. Conceptually: the freight forwarder transports the goods entrusted by the consignor from one place to another through a prescribed transportation route. A company that plays an important role in completing the trade between cargo owners and customers. The freight company is the company that distributes goods in kind, including the transportation, warehousing, packaging, and handling activities of the enterprise, and the seller

2. Responsibilities and functions: freight forwarders are in the international freight market, between the cargo owner and the carrier, accepting the cargo owner’s entrustment, acting as an agent for chartering, booking, storage, and preparing relevant documents, customs declaration, inspection, insurance, and container Transportation, unpacking, issuance of bills of lading, settlement of freight and miscellaneous charges, and even presentation of documents for negotiation and foreign exchange settlement. It is mainly responsible for transportation matters. The logistics company is the process by which the entrusted party requires the goods to be transported from the entrusted place to the destination. Responsible for transportation, warehousing, logistics and distribution, tally and collection, etc.

3. In terms of warehousing, freight forwarders do not have specific warehouses and some have no means of transportation, such as cars and cargo ships. Logistics companies have their own warehouses and transportation tools at the same time.

4. In terms of choice, if it is an international transportation, choose a freight forwarding company, because it is mainly an international transportation business, and can handle customs declaration, insurance, and other businesses. For domestic transportation, choose a logistics company, which can handle cargo collection, warehousing, transportation, and management. Goods business.

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