If a consignment is going to take too long by ship and the distance is too far to use a truck or railway services, we can offer you our air freight solutions: we move your goods quickly, safely and efficiently to their destination by air. But we do not just provide the pure transport operations for your items.

Flydis has specialists to completely handle your air cargo beyond the airport. These services not only include transhipment and customs clearance, but also coping with high-value and sensitive goods in the proper way.

We keep our eye on your goods at all times. We have sophisticated IT systems and platforms, which our experts have developed and introduced, to handle the exchange of information in a transparent manner. As a result, we can offer you individual and safe air freight concepts to support your daily business.

We have our own warehouse and transhipment capacity at the most important European and Asian airports and we have terminals at the global trade and industrial centres. We combine the following modes of transport – sea freight, air cargo, rail and road shipments – in order to optimise your transport chain, taking into account your requirements.

In addition to regular air freight, we also handle unusual transport orders: whether they involve antiques, perishable goods or live animals – we will ensure that your sensitive goods are shipped in a professional and safe manner based on our many years of experience and using the correct equipment.