There is an inseparable link between the history of sea freight and containers. The success story of large containers began in the second half of the 20th century and they were to revolutionise global trade. Many of the hand movements, which had been standard practice for shipping companies in the past, were dropped as a result of the standardisation of containers. Both the efficiency of sea freight operations and the volumes transported across the world’s oceans increased as a result of this technical progress; it enabled companies to construct automated terminals at seaports and allowed them to satisfy the demands of a global economic system.

The uninterrupted organisation of sea freight services represents a crucial element in our company’s range of services. The integration of Maxx Intermodal Systems, the takeover of the Interspe Hamann Group and the founding of the subsidiary Contargo created a greater density in our existing network of business centres. This brought with it a significant expansion in our range of services; customers using our Air & Ocean business unit have been able to benefit from this development enormously. Above all else, the large volumes of goods that are moved across the oceans between Europe and Asia demand a sophisticated supply chain management scheme.