Pre-Inspection in China

  • In-person visit to your manufacturer’s factory by our inspection team
  • A random inspection of the products and the factory, completed in accordance with a set of standards set forth by both you and our inspection team
  • Comprehensive inspection report with detailed comments and photographs


Inspecting your products in China reduces the risk of receiving sub-par goods from your supplier and ensure quality is upheld to protect your brand. We offer pre-inspection of your products in China, which is completed before you make your final payment to your supplier and your products get shipped to the U.S.

A random inspection is completed on a portion of your shipment and part of the manufacturer’s facilities. Specific instructions can be provided to our inspection team at the time you place your order. A comprehensive report is then emailed to you. Results include a score of “pass,” “reject,” or “pending,” with detailed comments and photographs as to why the sample of products received these scores.

Factory Audit

  • In-person visit to the factory of your choice by our audit team
  • Verification of safety and quality standards
  • Viewing of the product you are about to order, or other products being produced in the same factory
  • Audit report


Choosing the right product is a complicated process, so you want to make sure that the factory creating your goods is legitimate. We offer a factory audit of the manufacturer of your choosing in China. This can be completed at any time, but is typically completed before payment is made or goods are exchanged.

Results include a report with detailed commentary and photographs.