Freight forwarder is to plan and coordinate the international border commodity transportation on behalf of the shipper. Different assignments included, however are not restricted to: warehouse planning, provision of cargo insurance and customs broker.

Freight forwarders include strategic logistics planning and international freight transportation execution on behalf of shippers. In particular, freight forwarders will perform tasks such as freight negotiation, container tracking, customs documents and freight consolidation.

Import and export provide abundant opportunities for enterprises to implement strategic logistics plan. But, at least, the logistics of international shipping is very complex.

It requires:

  • Master the professional knowledge of Customs standards and agreements, because there are differences between countries / regions and even ports
  • Problem solving agility, ability to adjust transportation plan according to weather, technology or human factors
  • The ability to build a network and the power of the supply chain need to be integrated

Furthermore, you additionally need a permit to do it.

The globalization of international supply chain is inevitable. Freight forwarders can be found anywhere you need customs brokers, warehouse planning, cargo dispatch and cargo insurance. It is very important to choose a reliable logistics company.

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