How to save port fees for shipping?

Port charges are one of the main spending projects of shipping cost. The expenditure of port charges in some shipping companies accounts for more than 1/4 of the total cost, which is next only to fuel charge and shipping repair charge. Therefore, what the ocean transportation enterprise must notice for decreasing the shipping cost is to save port charges. Generally speaking, The way of saving port charges for shipping companies can include several aspects as follows:

  1. The shipper has to understand and master the charging rules of various kinds of fee items in each port and the adjustment conditions of its rate.
  2. The shipper should focus much on rational arranging the various work of ships in the port and completing corresponding records.
  3. Correctly master the time of inward and outward port for ships. For the international priority shipping, should labor for the inward and outward port in the daytime. Because the fees of the pilot, tug, mooring cable, etc., for each country's port are added extra fees during the night and holidays.
  4. Before entering and leaving the port, try to level the draught of the bow and stern under the probable conditions to decrease the biggest draught of the ship, because the pilotage dues of some ports, such as the Japanese port, etc., are based on the gross tonnage of the ship and the maximum draft of the bow and stern.
  5. Correctly declare the tonnage of the ship. The tonnage, harbor, and light dues are all calculated based on the tonnage of the ship. For ships with two or more full decks, you can make triangular tonnage marks on both sides and replace the open and closed tonnage of the previous shelter-deck ships with two different tonnage sizes. When the tonnage mark is submerged, the ship shall declare the large tonnage; When the tonnage mark is not submerged, the ship shall declare the minor tonnage.
  6. Reasonably load the goods for shipment. Strive for the work at the same time for each cargo space and try to balance the laytime between each cargo space to save the time of ships in the harbor.
  7. Timely prepare well each item and decrease various waiting charges, which can also decrease the ups shipping rates.
  8. The ship should carefully check and sign various charge receipts and prevent unnecessary damage.

Pay more attention to the above notice, and we can effectively decline the port fees for shipping.


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