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With more than ten years of professional international air transportation, experienced and professional transportation team.

International air cargo transportation refers to the use of aircraft as a means of transportation. According to the air transportation contract concluded by the parties, regardless of whether the transportation is interrupted or whether there is transhipment, the departure point, destination point or agreed stopping point of the transportation is not in the people of China The general term for the means of transportation within the Republic of China that will deliver goods to the destination and receive compensation or provide free services.

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Three forms of air transportation

double clearing tax package air dispatch-mainland direct flight

double clearing tax package air dispatch-Hong Kong direct flight

airport to airport

Our four air freight services

Bulk cargo by air

Bulk cargo is the most important form of international air transportation. The weight or size of a single box is relatively small. The minimum lifting capacity of a cargo is 45KG, and the weight of a single cargo can exceed 10 tons and 20 cubic meters. International air transport services for small quantities of goods, whether it is air passenger or cargo aircraft, are easy to load, and the destination airport can be located in all regions.

Air transport of oversized and overweight cargo

A single piece of cargo weighs more than 1 ton or large size products, such as molds. We will choose a suitable cargo aircraft for air transportation according to the size of the cargo.

Air charter

Container cargo air charter service.

Air freight booking

According to the air freight contract number of the foreign international freight forwarder, book the space with the airline at the corresponding domestic airport and contact the factory to assist in the delivery.

we also have other value-added services

Export international air transport related supporting services


Relying on cooperation with well-known domestic logistics companies, we provide services for picking up goods to airports in various parts of the country.


Collect goods from different factories or suppliers and combine them into one shipment for international air transport.

Customs declaration

As an international air freight declaration agent, we provide professional customs declaration and tax rebate services to shippers to handle export declarations in a correct, detailed and timely manner.

Air cargo insurance

The agent purchases air cargo insurance before the cargo plane.


prepare documents needed for customs clearance of air export and destination country, such as packing list, commercial invoice, air waybill, certificate of origin, fumigation certificate.


Renew good quality cartons or wooden racks according to your requirements, and strengthen the wooden boxes.

Check the goods

check the quality and quantity of the goods, and take photos of the goods.

International air transport operation process

Accept the consignor's entrustment and reserve the space.

Obtain the necessary export documents from the consignor; arrange transportation to pick up the goods or deliver the goods to the designated place by the consignor, and check the documents carefully.

• Customs declaration documents are generally: commercial invoices, packing lists, commodity inspection certificates, export goods declaration forms, and some commodities require animal and plant quarantine certificates or certificates of origin, export foreign exchange verification forms, export contracts, etc.
• After the customs check and accept the goods and stamp the acceptance seal on the customs declaration, the air waybill will be prepared.
• Order the goods accompanying documents provided by the consignee at the back of the waybill; if it is a centralized consignment, make a centralized consignment list, and put the list, all house waybills and accompanying documents into a letter bag, and place it at the back of the waybill.
• Paste the made waybill label on each piece of goods. If the goods are consigned collectively, there must also be a house waybill label.
• Hold the completed air waybill to the customs for clearance.
• The waybill with the customs clearance stamp and the goods shall be handed over to the airline. The airline shall check that the goods are correct and sign the receipt.

We can solve for you

If it takes a long time to consign the goods

the distance is too far to use truck or rail services, we will airlift your goods to the destination quickly, safely and efficiently.

Flydis has experts to completely handle your air cargo outside the airport.

These services include not only transshipment and customs clearance, but also dealing with high-value and sensitive goods in an appropriate manner. For example, we have handled unusual transportation orders: whether it is antiques, perishable goods or live animals, we will use our years of experience and use reliable transportation methods to ensure that your sensitive goods are transported in a professional and safe manner to ensure arrived safely.

We always pay attention to your products.

We have mature IT systems and platforms, and our experts have developed and introduced these systems and platforms to handle information exchange in a transparent manner. Therefore, we can provide you with a personalized and safe air freight concept to support your daily business.

We have our own warehouses and transshipment capabilities in the most important airports in Europe and Asia

we have terminals in global trade and industrial centers. We combine the following transportation methods-sea, air, rail and road transportation-in order to optimize your transportation chain in consideration of your requirements.

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