International Air Transport
International Air Transport
International Air Transport
Trasporto aereo internazionale

introduzione: With more than ten years of professional international air transport, team di trasporto esperto e professionale



International air cargo transportation refers to the use of aircraft as the means of transportation. Secondo il contratto di trasporto aereo concluso dalle parti, regardless of whether the transportation is uninterrupted or transhipment, one of the departure point, destination point or agreed stopover point of the transportation is not within the territory of the People's Republic of China , And the general term for the mode of transportation that will deliver the goods to the destination and receive remuneration or provide free services.

We have three types of air transportation services: customs clearance tax package-direct flight from mainland China, customs clearance tax package-direct flight from Hong Kong, aeroporto ad aeroporto

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Our services include:

Bulk air freight
Bulk cargo is the most important form of international air transport. Il peso o le dimensioni di una singola scatola è relativamente piccolo. The minimum lifting weight of a ticket is 45KG, and the weight of a single ticket can exceed 10 tonnellate e 20 metri cubi. The international air transport service for small batches of cargo, whether it is an air passenger or cargo plane, is easy to load, e l'aeroporto di destinazione può essere localizzato in tutte le regioni.
Trasporto aereo di merci fuori misura e sovrappeso
A single cargo weighing more than 1 ton or large-size products, come stampi. We will choose the appropriate cargo plane to air transport according to the size of the cargo.

Noleggio aereo
Servizio charter aereo cargo container
Booking by air
Secondo il numero del contratto di trasporto aereo dello spedizioniere internazionale estero, book the cabin with the airline at the corresponding domestic airport, and contact the factory to assist the delivery.
Our service process is:
Operation process of international air transport:


1. Accept the consignor's entrustment and reserve the cabin. Ottenere i documenti di esportazione necessari dal mittente; arrange for the delivery vehicle to pick up or deliver the goods to the designated place by the consignor, and carefully check the documents. A
2. Dichiarazione doganale

The customs declaration documents are generally: fatture commerciali, liste di imballaggio, certificati di ispezione delle merci, customs declaration forms for exported goods, and some products require animal and plant quarantine certificates or certificates of origin, esportare i moduli di verifica del cambio estero, and export contracts. A

After checking and accepting the goods at the customs, the air waybill is prepared after the acceptance stamp is stamped on the customs declaration. A

Order the accompanying documents of the goods provided by the consignee after the waybill; if the goods are collectively consigned, fare una lista di spedizione centralizzata, e metti la lista, all the waybills and accompanying documents into a letter bag, and place it behind the consignment note. A

Attach the prepared waybill label to each item. If it is a consignment of collective shipment, it must also have a label for the waybill.  

Hold the air waybill that has been prepared to the customs for clearance. A

The waybill with the customs clearance stamp will be delivered to the airline together with the goods. The airline will check and accept the goods and sign the delivery note.
Our advantages are:
Our company has a team of more than 80 people
11 years of transportation experience
Located in Shenzhen, close to Yantian Port and Baoan Airport, only 2 hours drive from Guangzhou Airport

We are a company specializing in international logistics, headquartered in Shenzhen, Cina
Please allow me to introduce you to our company's services
1) Siamo la società di certificazione dell'oro di Alibaba. Solo un'azienda forte ha questa qualifica. abbiamo 11 years of
shipping experience, e la destinazione della spedizione può essere ovunque, come la tua casa o il magazzino Amazon
2) Comunicheremo con il tuo fornitore per trasportare in sicurezza il tuo prodotto al nostro magazzino, and then use DAP or
DDP or other methods to send the product to the designated destination according to customer requirements.
3) Forniamo servizi di ispezione di qualità professionale, molti clienti utilizzano. Factories often do not carefully
check all products, che può portare a una scarsa valutazione dopo la vendita del prodotto. We will carefully check the products
according to customer requirements to ensure product quality
4) La cosa più importante è che il nostro prezzo dia ai clienti molti sconti, our transportation is responsible for
our customers
If you need my service, please contact me, we will not let you down.

Q:I am not in China but my products need to be shipped to Amazon, can u guys do it?
A:Yes, definitely. We are your one-stop shipping solution. We have a worldwide network. So where ever your cargo is,
we can ship it for you to any FBA address across all of North America, Europe, and Asia.


Q:How long have you been processing FBA shipments?
A:We’ve been shipping to Amazon FBA since 2010.


Q:Why can’t our shipment be delivered even though our ship has arrived at the destination port?
A:All LTL or sea shipment to Amazon requires an appointment with Amazon. If we do not get an appointment date,
we have to wait until its booking.


Q:Do we need to palletize shipments at the origination site or before you receive it?
A:No, not necessary. We can palletize your cargo based on Amazon requirements in our origin warehouse or at the
destination warehouse.


Q:If we use your shipping service to FBA, do we need purchase a continuous bond?
A:No, not necessary. We can help you if you do not have a continuous bond. You can choose to use our bond for free
or we offer for purchasing continuous bond at USD500/year.


Q:Where is your warehouse in China?
A:Shenzhen Flydis International Logistics Co., Ltd..
ADD:No.101-102, Centro logistico di Yinshan, Aeroporto internazionale di Bao'an, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Cina.


Q:If our cargo is not in Shenzhen, can you handle it ?
A:We can handle air and sea shipments from nearest airport, seaport. But for courier shipments we need get cargo to
our Shenzhen warehouse first. FBA prep service can be only available in our Shenzhen warehouse.


Q:How many days will it take if we use sea or air to ship to USA FBA?
A:If by air, the transit time is around 4-7days depended on the air service you choose. If by sea, around 4-6days is
needed to make export customs and packing, the transit time from port to port is 14-20days depending on the FBA
address. Roughly, it is estimated 30-40 days after we get your cargo to the time we make appointment with Amazon.


Q:We have different friends who also do Amazon business; do you think we can ship cargo together?
A:Yes, you can. By doing so, each vendor can save his shipping costs.


Q:How do we make payments to you?
A:You can make payment to us by bank wire after shipment is cleared from customs and before we deliver to Amazon.


Q:What does FOB and EXW mean?
A:FOB means free on board, if you choose the FOB term; supplier needs to cover the local shipping costs before
cargo leaves China. EXW means EX WORKS, if you choose EXW; you need to cover all shipment cost from your
supplier’s place to the final destination address.


Q:How can we know the chargeable weight?
A:Firstly, the goods will be calculated by the actual weight and the volumetric weight;
Actual weight of a carton = actual weight of one carton, total is multiplied by the number of cartons shipped.
Volumetric weight of a carton = LWH/ 5000, get integral, use centimeter to calculate (e.g. 19.1KGS, get 19.5KGS;
20.8KGS, get 21KGS). Total is multiplied by the numbers of carton;
Secondly, per above calculation, we can get the actual weight and the volumetric weight which is bigger. The bigger
one will be the chargeable weight.
Thirdly, all goods arrive in Forest Shipping warehouse, we will re-measure them to get the final chargeable weight,
and then we will issue INVOICE to you.


Q:What is delivery charge for remote area?
A:Remote area surcharge is applied for delivery or pick up from an area beyond airline/courier company's standard
areas, which are less accessible for picking up and deliveries.



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