支払われた義務 (DDP) 売り手が義務の全体を受け入れる伝達理解です, 危険, 購入者が目的の港で製品を入手または移動するまでの製品の移動に関連する費用. この理解には、交通費の支払いが組み込まれています, 運賃と輸入の義務, 保護, and some other costs caused during delivery to a settled upon area in the purchaser's country.


The Specific Description

  • 支払われた義務(DDP) is a conveyance arrangement whereby the seller accepts all accountability of moving the products until they arrive at a settled upon objective.
  • The sellershould orchestrate all transportation and related expenses including trade leeway and customs documentation needed to arrive at the objective port.
  • The dangers to the sellerare wide and incorporate VAT charges, pay off, and capacity costs if startling postponements happen.
  • A DDP benefits a purchaser as the sellerexpects the majority of the responsibility and expenses for transportation.


Seller's Responsibilities

The seller orchestrates transportation through a transporter of any sort and is liable for the expense of that transporter just as requiring customs clearance in the purchaser's nation, including acquiring the fitting permission from the government around there. Likewise, the dealer may have to gain a permit for importation. Be that as it may, the seller isn't liable for emptying the merchandise.


The seller's obligations incorporate giving the merchandise, drawing up a deal and related archives, trade bundling, masterminding send out leeway, fulfilling all import, fare, and customs necessities, and paying for all transportation costs including last conveyance to a settled upon objective.


The seller should mastermind confirmation of conveyance and pay the expense, everything being equal, and should caution the purchaser once the products are conveyed to the settled upon area. In a DDP exchange, if the products are harmed or lost on the way, the seller is obligated for the expenses.



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