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Product Quality Inspection

Activities performed on one or each characteristic of an entity, such as measurement, inspection, test, and measurement, and comparing the results with specified requirements, and determining the eligibility of each characteristic. Experts believe that quality inspection is an activity to observe, measure, and test one or more quality characteristics of a product, and compare the results with the specified quality requirements to judge whether each quality characteristic is qualified or not.

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There are generally two methods of quality inspection: Full inspection;Sampling inspection.

The way of quality inspection can be classified according to different signs.

sampling inspection

Divided into full inspection according to the quantity of inspection;

measurement inspection

According to the quality characteristic value, it can be divided into count inspection;

biological testing

Divided into physical and chemical testing according to testing techniques; sensory testing;

non-destructive inspection

Divided into destructive inspection according to the integrity of the inspection object after inspection;

mobile inspection

Divided into fixed inspection according to inspection location;

According to inspection purpose

production inspection, acceptance inspection, supervisory inspection, verification inspection, arbitration inspection

According to the relationship between supply and demand

first-party inspection, second-party inspection, and third-party inspection


Clarify inspection items and quality requirements of each item according to product technical standards;

Prescribe appropriate methods and means to measure products with the help of general measuring tools or the use of mechanical and electronic equipment;

Compare the data obtained from the test with the standard and specified quality requirements;

Based on the result of the comparison, judge whether a single product or batch product is qualified;

Record the data obtained, and feed back the judgment results to the relevant suppliers to encourage them to improve quality

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