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  • International freight shipping

International freight shipping

  • Ups international transportation notice

    1. Before using the UPS express service, the sender must clearly understand the UPS express terms on the back of the UPS waybill. If you have any questions, you can first contact or inquire with the customer service department. 2. In order to simplify the actual operation of the customer…
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  • Logistics company vs freight forwarder

    Logistics company vs freight forwarder What is the specific difference between a logistics company and a freight forwarder? 1. Conceptually: the freight forwarder transports the goods entrusted by the consignor from one place to another through a prescribed transportation route. A company that plays an important role in completing the…
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  • Fastest international shipping method

    5 fastest international shipping methods 1. EMS Postal express service. Это международная почтовая курьерская служба, управляемая ВПС, и курьерская служба, предоставляемая Почтой Китая.. В основном по воздуху, чтобы ускорить скорость доставки, в зависимости от удаленности региона, обычно прибывают в 1-8 days.…
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