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Six big differences between international air transport and international air express

International air transport refers to the whole process of logistics, information stream realized, and control management from the aircraft to the airport of the destination, and then the carrier unloads the goods from the plane to the receiver. Many friends consider international air transport and air express as the same. Actually, they are in great distinction. Then the Flydis Logistic Co., Ltd will explain the differences according to six points.

The subject of transportation

The international express's subject is mainly the freight forwarding companies, such as DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT,EMS, and other suppliers of international express service. The packages we plan to post are delivered to the destination by the forwarder. But we often contact our agency of international transport first and the latter, the forwarding agent.

The scope of service

Generally, international air transport can only deliver to the airport. After arriving at the airport, the other affairs are dealt with by the customer or his transport company. But the air express is always delivered to the door. But what should pay attention to is that international express doesn't include customs clearance of destination but the assistance of customs clearance. If there is a problem with customs clearance, it needs the receiver's help.

International express service includes the agency service of the domestic export declaration but no the customs declaration of destination and the delivery of packages with the customs declaration of destination.

International air transport doesn't include the handle of customs clearance. The customer needs to go to the airport and claim the goods for customs clearance. And it doesn't include the customs duty and tax of the destination country. Unless the air transport service project, the goods will not be delivered to the door.

Time limit

The deadlines of international air transport and express are almost the same, about several days. Which one is faster depends on the destination. For example, international air transport should be faster to Tokyo. To this day, the time limit is relative to these three factors as follow:

  1. The efficiency and strength of the airline.
  2. The flight timetable in the airport.
  3. The speed of customs clearance to the destination.

Charge mode

The calculation of international air transport cost is based on the formula, length×width×height/6000. And the length, width, height are all measured in centimeters. Large quantities of goods are called dumping and are also known as foam goods. For instance, the Nano pillows' actual weight is 5 kilograms, but the volume weight is 28 kilograms.

Trace cargo mode

You can trace and inquire about the corresponding company website through the odd provided by international express. For international air transport, you can inquire on the airline website by the number of bills of lading.

Different requirements of weight

International air transport services can deliver any weight. But the weight of a single package of international express should not surpass 69kg, which is called oversized goods.


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