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Let experienced logistics professionals handle your cargo.
How Do We Help?
We streamline your Amazon sourcing
and shipping process from China.

We pick-up your inventory from your suppliers for free if they are located in Shenzhen or Dongguan, or have your suppliers shipped directly to us if they are in other areas.

We offer everything you need to prep your products to meet Amazon’s requirements. Services include labeling, poly bag, bundling, repacking, or anything else based on needs.

We ship your inventory to Amazon Warehouse by DHL, UPS, air, train or by Sea depending on your need. We take over the entire process including custom clearance, taxes.

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Professional transportation team

Professional transportation services, quality inspection services warehousing services, etc.

We help our customers to handle goods shipped from China to other countries

Smo Alibabino zlato certifikacijsko podjetje. Samo eno močno podjetje ima to kvalifikacijo. Imamo 11 years of shipping experience, in destinacija pošiljanja je lahko kjerkoli, kot je vaš dom ali Amazonovo skladišče.

Komunicirali bomo z vašim dobaviteljem za varen transport vašega izdelka v naše skladišče, and then use DAP or DDP or other methods to send the product to the designated destination according to customer requirements.

Nudimo profesionalne inšpekcijske storitve kakovosti, uporablja veliko strank. Factories often do not carefully check all products, kar lahko privede do slabe ocene po prodaji izdelka. We will carefully check the products according to customer requirements to ensure product quality.

Najpomembneje je, da bo naša cena kupcem omogočila veliko popustov, our transportation is responsible for our customers.

DDP air flight-china direct flight

DDP air flight-Hong Kong direct flight

Airport to Airport
DDP sea transportation-Shanghai Port

DDP air flight-Hong Kong direct flight

Sea transportation cabinet
Why Our Clients Love Us?
What makes us stand out from others in the market

Managing your suppliers in China consumes a lot of time. By outsourcing your prep and logistic process to us, you save more time that can be used on your customer service, marketing, and sales.

We know that you have different needs compared to others - so, we have a system that allows you to only pay for the services that you use. Don't see something that you need? Just let our team know and we will sort out a solution for you!.

We know that you might need to protect your product from competition or someone trying to steal it. We guarantee that your secret is safe with us as we keep your product discreet through our prep and shipping process.

Our Partners
We work with reliable partners to make sure your goods arrive on time and safely

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