• Pregled kakovosti izdelkov
    The services we can provide are: The methods of quality inspection can be classified according to different marks. (1) Divided into full inspection according to the quantity of inspection; sampling inspection (2) Divided into count inspection according to quality characteristic value; measurement inspection (3) Divided into physical and chemical inspection;
  • Amazon Shipping
    About what we gave 1. Standard Service Receive goods from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other port city warehouses in China, and send the seller's goods to the Amazon warehouse designated by the United States, United Kingdom, Kanada, Avstralija, Japonska, Germany and other countries by sea and air transportation!   2.
  • Fotografska služba
    Our work: We have reached a long-term cooperation with the professional photography team, which can achieve framing in different scenes. According to your different requirements, you can shoot with a variety of accessories to ensure the quality of the picture Our studio can be indoor or outdoor, depending on your…
  • Mednarodna storitev hitrega prevoza
    Express weighing method: ⒈The weight of the international express package is divided into two types: actual weight and volume weight. The express company will use the larger of the two weights as the billing basis; ⒉ Volumetric weight calculation (1). The calculation method of the volume and weight of the…
  • Mednarodni zračni promet
    Naše storitve vključujejo: Bulk air freight Bulk cargo is the most important form of international air transport. Teža ali velikost ene škatle je relativno majhna. Najmanjša teža dvigovanja vozovnice je 45 kg, in teža posamezne vozovnice lahko preseže 10 tons and 20…
  • Pomorski prevoz. Storitev DAP ali DDP
    We have ocean shipping services, customs clearance and taxation sea transportation-Meisen, Kuai and customs clearance and taxation sea transportation-Yantian port, port to port three forms Our operation process Booking-Pre-shipment preparation-Shipment-After the ship leaves port Our advantage: Naše podjetje ima ekipo več kot 80 ljudi 11 years of transportation…
  • Skladiščna služba
    The warehousing service process we give to customers Receipt, inventory, storage, delivery The one-stop service experience helps each customer save shipping costs to the maximum. We have more than 2,000 square meters of warehouses, dividing different areas for different customers. Equipped with professional personnel for management. When you need to…
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