Ups international transportation notice

1. Before using the UPS express service, the sender must clearly understand the UPS express terms on the back of the UPS waybill. If you have any questions, you can first contact or inquire with the customer service department.

2. In order to simplify the actual operation of the customer (sender), the carrier implements the operation method of first receiving the goods and then confirming the weight of the goods. The chargeable weight is based on the weight measured by the UPS electronic weight measurement instrument (DWS). UPS will take the larger of actual weight and volume as the billable weight.

3. If it is found that the goods entrusted to be carried by the sender do not comply with the relevant regulations of customs and UPS, the carrier has the right to refuse to carry or defer the export of the goods. The export can only be carried out after the sender handles the goods in accordance with the relevant regulations of customs and UPS.

4. The terms of UPS international express freight collect (including third-party payment) are very important, please kindly ask.